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試験 70-533 Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
配信開始: 2014 年 9 月 4 日
言語: 英語、日本語
対象者:IT プロフェッショナル
テクノロジ: Microsoft Azure
対応資格: MCP、Microsoft スペシャリスト

Azure App Service アプリの設計と実装 (15 ~ 20%)
Azure Resource Manager 仮想マシンの作成および管理 (20 ~ 25%)
ストレージ戦略の設計と実装 (20 ~ 25%)
Azure Active Directory の実装 (15-20%)
仮想ネットワークの実装 (10 ~ 15%)
ARM テンプレートの設計とデプロイ (10 ~ 15%)

受験対象者について、70-533試験は、Microsoft Azure にインフラストラクチャ ソリューションを実装した経験がある受験者向けです。また、受験者には、クラウド ソリューションまたはハイブリッド ソリューションを実装および監視した経験と、アプリケーション ライフサイクル管理をサポートした経験が必要です。

もちろん、Microsoft Specialist资格試験70-533参考書で入手した、を触ってから受験するのがベストなことは言うまでもありませんが、何らかの理由で資格取得が必要な方に、最短パスをお伝えします。下記は70-533問題と解答をトレーニングしてください。

1.Your network includes a legacy application named LegacyApp1. The application only runs in the

Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework on Windows Server 2008.

You plan to deploy to Azure Cloud Services.

You need to ensure that LegacyApp1 will run correctly in the new environment.

What are two possible ways to achieve this goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A. Upload a VHD with Windows Server 2008 installed.

B. Deploy LegacyApp1 to a cloud service instance configured with Guest OS Family 2.

C. Deploy LegacyApp1 to a cloud service instance configured with Guest OS Family 1.

D. Deploy LegacyApp1 to a cloud service instance configured with Guest OS Family 3.

Answer: BC


Guest OS Family 1 and Guest OS Family 2 supports .NET 3.5 and .Net 4.0.

Guest OS Family 3 and Guest OS Family 4 supports .NET 4.0 and .Net 4.5.

Reference: Azure Guest OS Releases and SDK Compatibility Matrix


2.You migrate a Windows Server .NET web application to Azure Cloud Services.

You need enable trace logging for the application.

Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A. Update the service definition file.

B. Update the Azure diagnostics configuration.

C. Update the service configuration file.

D. Enable verbose monitoring.

E. Update the application web.config file.

Answer: A, E


3.You manage a cloud service that is running in two small instances. The cloud service hosts a help desk

application. The application utilizes a virtual network connection to synchronize data to the company's

internal accounting system.

You need to reduce the amount of time required for data synchronization.

What should you do?

A. Configure the servers as large instances and re-deploy.

B. Increase the instance count to three.

C. Deploy the application to Azure Web Sites.

D. Increase the processors allocated to the instances.

Answer: D

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